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Frozen Memories

Frozen Memories – Two Last Tricks Up His Sleeve

When the 1997 Stanley Cup Playoffs come to mind, some may think of the Red Wings sweep of the “Legion of Doom” Flyers. Others may remember the Western Conference Finals between newly bitter rivals in Detroit and Colorado. But the thing that sticks out to me was Wayne Gretzky’s last-ever playoff appearance. The Great One went to the postseason 16 …

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Frozen Memories – The Capitals Worst Nightmare

In today’s frozen memory, I’ll detail one of the most impressive goaltending performances I’ve ever seen. We’ve already seen the work of J.S. Giguere earlier in our series, and this performance is right up there. This is the story of how the Washington Capitals met their worst nightmare – Montreal goalie, Jaroslav Halak. The 2010 NHL season was a phenomenal …

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Frozen Memories – The Statue of Liberty That Wasn’t

Today’s memory involves my favorite playoff series of all time – the 2002 Western Conference Finals. It was a true clash of the titans. Red Wings vs. Avalanche. Dominik Hasek. Patrick Roy. Steve Yzerman. Joe Sakic. Nicklas Lidstrom. Rob Blake. I could do this all day but I’m sure at some point you’d like to actually read about the memory …

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