Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Coyotes First Week Looks Weak

Coyotes First Week Looks Weak

Last night, to mark the first full week of the shortened NHL season, the Phoenix Coyotes hosted Pacific Division rivals and Cup winners the Los Angeles Kings. Inside Arena tempers flared as reminders of what transpired last spring came rushing back to Coyotes fans.

Before we recap the 4-2 loss to the Kings though, let’s look back at the games that proceeded last nights let-down in the Coyotes first week of 2013.

Sat, Jan 19th at Dallas- Whoever thought though Jaromir Jagr’s age might be getting the better of him was proved very wrong on this evening. No one felt the repercussions of this more than the Coyotes defense. The hockey legend notched two goals and added two assists, with the help veteran

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Michela Ricci
Just a desert native who lives and breathes ice hockey, oh the irony... Born and raised in Arizona,and been skating since she was a squirt. Michela worked on the Ice Crew for the Phoenix Coyotes and was then a Coyotes cheerleader for 3 years. After graduating Arizona State University she moved up to Boston to pursue work in sports. Huge Coyotes fan, loves the Bruins, and has always had a liking for the Pens. Realizing that her dream in life will never be fulfilled (because she's not a 6'4 Canadian male who is capable of playing in NHL), so she's searching for the next best thing.
Michela Ricci

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