Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Hudson Hank

Hudson Hank

Momentum in the Stanley Cup playoffs can shift quickly, like waves in a bad storm. In Game 1, the Rangers played their brand of hockey to walk away with a 3-0 victory. In Game 2, the Devils controlled most of the game. The Rangers looked completely worn down by the 3rd period en route to the Devils tying the series at 1. Game 3 could have gone in any number of directions, but one way it wasn’t going was behind Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist.


New Jersey owned the Rangers for the first two periods today. The Devils outshot the Rangers 26-14 through the first two frames. While the Rangers created a few strong

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Adam Bernard
I'm a seasoned veteran in the sports media field and a lifelong Rangers fan (hoping to relive 1994 at some point - I couldn't fully appreciate a championship at 11 years old). Hockey dominates my life for the most part: I also root for the Blackhawks & Kings, I've been lucky enough to split season tickets for the Blueshirts with a good friend since the lockout, and I'm a defenseman on a local roller hockey team. Away from the rink, I enjoy hiking, hard rock music, and spending time with my dog Astro.
Adam Bernard

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