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Weekly Wager Wednesday #11 (12/31/14)

I hope everyone that celebrates had a great Christmas and to everyone else happy holidays.

Also happy early new years!

I went a perfect 3-0 going into Xmas break and sit with a 24-9 record. To wrap up 2014 there’s a whopping 11 games! The last time I was faced with 9 games I went 8-1 so I’ll test my luck to go for a near perfect WWW.

New York Islanders vs. Winnipeg Jets

Iggy’s Pick: Islanders

Here’s Why: The Islanders have been one of the most impressive teams this season and it’s due to their play in all 3 zones of late.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Buffalo Sabres

Iggy’s Pick: Bolts

Here’s Why: It’s hard to side with the Sabres and in a matchup this seasawed you’d have to be crazier than I already am to go against the Bolts.

New York Rangers vs. Florida Panthers

Iggy’s Pick: Rangers

Here’s Why: Rangers are starting to heart up and I just don’t think the Panthers will be able to keep up with them for 60 minutes.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins

Iggy’s Pick: Bruins

Here’s Why: I’d actually like to point out that the B’s have terrible luck playing in NYE games so I think this will be my game to break my perfect streak. Nonetheless this should be a good one to close out 2014.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Iggy’s Pick: Pens

Here’s Why: This should be a gift game for the Pens in earning 2 Pts.

Minnesota Wild vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Iggy’s Pick: BJs

Here’s Why: I’ll keep it as pj as I can but home team takes it here, #BJsFTW

New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings

Iggy’s Pick: Wings

Here’s Why: Home game advantage will be the factor here and not to mention Howard’s #’s have been great this season.

San Jose Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks

Iggy’s Pick: Sharks

Here’s Why: It seems like the Sharks have the Ducks’ # in the regular season and I think that dominace continues into 2015.

Arizona Coyotes vs. Dallas Stars

Iggy’s Pick: Stars

Here’s Why: The two teams aren’t in the playoffs but the Stars can put up goals unlike the Coyotes.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Colorado Avalanche

Iggy’s Pick: Avs

Here’s Why:  Flyers are up and down and I’m loving the home ice advantage to wrap up 2014 for all teams today.

Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames

Iggy’s Pick: Flames

Here’s Why: There’s only one other team you don’t pick other than the Sabres and that’s the Oilers…Happy Early New Year!

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