Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Welcome To Detroit Jordin Tootoo

Welcome To Detroit Jordin Tootoo

Last summer, the Detroit Red Wings made numerous acquisitions.  Probably the most surprising of the transactions was the signing of former Nashville Predator grinder Jordin Tootoo.  The Red Wings have generally been lacking in the areas of grinding and fighting, both of which Jordin specializes in.  He brings with him unparalleled determination, loyalty, and grit.  Every night he plays to win, not for the name and number on the back of his sweater, but for the logo on the front.  Tootoo has always been known as a great team player and he always sticks up for his team.

Jordin was the first Inuk (Inuit) player to play in the NHL and also the first NHLer that grew up in Nunavut.  He entered the league in

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Kevin Sporka

Kevin Sporka

Kevin Sporka is the Senior Media Analyst and Detroit Red Wings beat writer at HOHM. He is also the author of the Fantasy Hockey Fridays, Milestone Monday, and Legends By the Number segments.
Kevin Sporka

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