Thursday, November 27, 2014
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Why I need the Lockout to End!

Why I need the Lockout to End!

At this point, the Sabres should have played about 10 games in their season.  To not have the Sabres or any NHL hockey team playing is a frustrating thing.  The following things will happen if I have to sit without another year of the NHL:


1 Go through another terrible year of the Bills


The Buffalo Bills, for those that do not know, are one of the worst teams in football.  Their owner is only worried about making a profit and the Bills have not made the playoffs since the last decade.  They have not hired any top of the line coaches, I mean hey, who wants to coach in Buffalo? While they spent $100 million on Mario Williams, he has been of little impact this

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Bob Duggan

Bob Duggan

Huge Sabres and hockey fan! Attends several games a year. Enjoys seeing Coaches Corner and Don Cherry. Glad there is an NHL season! Sabres winning the Cup in 2013! Follow me on twitter @dugganbob
Bob Duggan

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IgorBurdetskiy moderator

Bob, I can totally understand your pain with the Buffalo Bills. I'm pretty upset as well that talking hockey with people is harder due to this lockout of course.

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