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Betting on the NHL with Bitcoin

There is no doubt that the NHL is one of the greatest leagues to follow among sports, with 84 games by season that offer nothing but passion and competitiveness on every match and very tight scores that give double trouble even for the most experienced gamblers.

Through this article we will present you some of the characteristics of betting on hockey and also will talk to you about one of the latest trends around gambling; Bets with bitcoin.

Maybe you have heard about bitcoin, have a small idea about it or even have used it before, but didn’t have a clue that it could be used for online gambling, if you think you fit on any of these descriptions and would like to take the intensity of the NHL to the next level, we believe this article and this list of casinos that accept bitcoin and run NHL bets will fit your requirements:

NHL Betting with Bitcoins


What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the most famous and #1 ranked cryptocurrency around the globe, used by millions of people and accepted by all kind of business, including online-casinos. Bitcoin is not only easy to use and a safe way to make transactions, with security encryption comparable with any online-bank, it also represents an inversion by itself, with its own risks and potentialities, that can represent both good or bad investment, depending on the market’s demand.

But don’t get scared with Bitcoin’s volatility, and remember that absolutely all currency’s respond to multiple global factors that set their value on a day by day basis. On the other hand, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get into Bitcoin’s official page and read a bit about this currency and its characteristics, in order to get a better idea about its functioning and get the best out of our experience.

Why using Bitcoin for online betting?
Nowadays Bitcoin is becoming one of the most popular ways of doing transactions due to its security and the level of control that it offers to its users, without fees, borders or bureaucracy, Bitcoin is a transparent and competitive virtual currency that offers flexibility and commodity to its customers.

On the other side, the casino-world side, there are some web-pages and platforms that may offer you special discounts and promotions when making transactions and payments with Bitcoins what can help us take a little bit more out of our initial investment.

How to bet on the NHL?
As with any other sport, there are different levels of complexity for the bets on the NHL, you can always just bet on the team you think it’s going to win, play the odds, a puckline or even get riskier and bet into the total goals of the game, the possibilities are immense and you can always add two or more individual bets in order to the same money line and try to increase your profit by increasing the risks, throughout the rest of this article we will help you learn a bit more about the most popular bet method around this sport:

Odds – This refers to the odds on reaching certain score as outcome of a game without taking in consideration the difference of points and managing only 2 possibilities; negative or positive; this kind of bet is also known as Money Line Odds.

Puck line – It is basically a handicap towards the underdog. When using this method, bettors can either lay 1.5 on the favorite team or add 1.5 to the underdog’s score.

Parley – It’s nothing but a way to combine different bets and can include 2 or more bets around the same, different games or even different sports, a great option for those who can’t keep their eyes attention into only sport, this way we can bet on all of our favorite teams around every league on the country, or even the world.

You should always have in consideration that even if most of the online casinos manage the same methods and guidelines, there may exist some variation from platform to platform that could include bigger or lesser rewards, depending on the betting scheme they manage, so we strongly recommend you to take your time, visit different web pages, read some reviews and surf for a while around the web, not only to  make better profits and get bigger rewards, but to find the safest option that fits your needs and requirements on the safest and more comfortable way.

Finally, remember to bet responsibly and don’t gamble until you are out of money, betting is fun but is not worth losing the house or starve by the end of the month.

So keep playing and having fun.

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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Igor Burdetskiy
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