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Why join the HOHM Team?

  • Career Advancement (Receive internship credit, letters of recommendations and references).
  • Specialized Network of Writers (Private Facebook Group for our Staff, Leadership & Editorial Staff that works with all writers, Inside connections to players, NHL organizations and other professional hockey leagues).
  • Professional Publishing Platform (A true digital feel on our online hockey magazine with a well known and loved brand name).
  • Press Credentials for all NHL Teams (distributed based on Seniority).
  • All writers receive an individual email address; other perks such as individualized company business cards given with seniority and contribution levels.
  • We’re the #1 most socially engaged hockey site across our various network of social media outlets: (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube).
  • HOHM Culture: We leave the game recaps and regurgitated stories for and other copycat like hockey sites. Instead our focus is on delivering exclusive segments with a mixture of statistical analysis, humor, and plenty of other various hockey topics.

Hooked on Hockey Magazine is not just another online hockey magazine; we are a culture of passionate hockey writers, fans as well as friends, players and coaches  providing perspectives outside of the ordinary hockey topics. Our readership and audience continues to grow on a monthly basis both site-wide and across all our social network pages. HOHM is “Your Daily Dose For All Things Hockey!”

Here are some testimonials from writers who have worked with us in the past:

“During my last year at Boston College, I covered the Buffalo Sabres and wrote for a hockey website (Hooked on Hockey Magazine). This was perfect because with a GameCenter subscription and a computer, it was something that I could easily do whether I was in my dorm or on the road with the tennis team. It gave me the opportunity to interview many players, improve my writing skills, and cover my favorite hockey team in the process.” – Olga Khmylev, Covered 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics with NBC along with other IIHF tournaments and current Academy of Hockey Program Manager at HarborCenter in Buffalo, NY

“The day Hooked on Hockey emailed me and said they wanted me to join their team was a turning point in my journalism career. It meant that people were reading the stuff I was writing on my personal blog. Almost three years later, I am very happy with my decision to join the team. The site has given me a platform to write about hockey and build my portfolio for the future. The team of writers is very supportive and provides great motivation. I’ve seen it grow from the original six in 2011 all the way up to the close to 40 we have now. It is amazing to see all the changes and growth the site has experienced these past three years, which bodes well for the future too. Anyone looking to start their journalism career should give Hooked on Hockey a look.” – Josh Beneteau, Sports Editor at The Eyeopener

“I started writing for Hooked On Hockey for my 4th year University journalism internship. The internship was great not only because of the really friendly staff who welcomed me right away, but also because of the experience it gave me in the world of sports journalism. My articles were given exposure to a huge online hockey market, one I wouldn’t have been able to tap into on my own. That in turn made my writing better, as I was writing for the public and not just my professors. Now because of HOHM, I have invaluable, professional experience I can use when entering the workforce, a portfolio of my work, and a place to continue sharing my articles with a large number people who share my love of hockey.” – Rebecca Gilchrist, HOHM’s Toronto Maple Leafs Writer


Jump start your sports writing career with us to gain more exposure and recognition while promoting your own personal writing brand.


Current open spots:


Anaheim Ducks Contributor – (Male Contributor Spot Available)

-Arizona Coyotes Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Boston Bruins Contributor (No Contributor Spots Available)

-Buffalo Sabres Contributor – (Male Contributor Spot Available)

-Calgary Flames Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Carolina Hurricanes Contributor – (Male & Female Contributor Spots Available)

-Chicago Blackhawks Contributor (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Colorado Avalanche Contributor (Male & Female Contributor Spots Available)

-Columbus Blue Jackets Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Dallas Stars Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Detroit Red Wings Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available) 

-Edmonton Oilers Contributor (Female Contributor Spots Available) 

-Florida Panthers Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Los Angeles Kings Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Minnesota Wild Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Montreal Canadiens Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Nashville Predators Contributor (Male & Female Contributor Spots Available)

-New Jersey Devils Contributor – (No Contributor Spots Available)

-New York Islanders Contributor – (Female Contributor Spots Available)

-New York Rangers Contributor – (No Contributor Spots Available)

-Ottawa Senators Contributor (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Philadelphia Flyers Contributor – (Female Contributor Spot Available)

-Pittsburgh Penguins Contributor – (No Contributor Spots Available)

-San Jose Sharks Contributor (Male & Female Contributor Spot Available)

-St. Louis Blues Contributor (Male Contributor Spot Available)

-Tampa Bay Lightning Contributor – (No Contributor Spots Available)

-Toronto Maple Leafs Contributor (No Contributor Spots Available)

-Vancouver Canucks Contributor (Female  Contributor Spots Available)

-Washington Capitals Contributor – (Male Contributor Spot Available)

-Winnipeg Jets Contributor – (Male Contributor Spot Available)

***If there’s a league or team not listed that you’d like to cover then please inquire about it in the form provided below.


To Apply to the HOHM Team and contribute to our online magazine, please fill out the form below or email iburdetskiy[at] with Subject titled “Writer Application” the following:

  • FULL sample article (at least 4 or more full paragraphs) in relation to the team you would like to cover (Links to previous work are acceptable as long as dated within the previous 6 months)
  • Resume
  • A little background information on you (current major/concentration, favorite team, what you like most about hockey, what you’d like HOHM to help you achieve for your writing/journalism career)

***You must be at least 17 years of age or older to apply and be studying/pursuing a career in journalism, broadcasting, or have experience in sports writing to be considered for a position at HOHM***

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