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Exposing the Reality: Corey Perry’s Involvement with Connor Bedard’s Mom

“The circulating rumor about Corey Perry is completely untrue,” says Charlie Roumeliotis, a beat journalist for the Chicago Blackhawks. “Carry on, everyone,” he continues. It’s concerning that he needs to confront the rumors that are circulating on social media these days, especially given their nature.

A report that Corey Perry broke the team’s conduct policy—Frank Seravalli thought it had to do with disciplinary action—spread in an effort to either legitimize or ridicule the cause for Perry’s absence this past week. Perry allegedly went on a “date” with the mother of a teammate. Connor Bedard was reported to be that teammate.

A healthy scratch in Columbus last week, the longtime NHL veteran and past Hart Memorial Trophy winner has unexpectedly disappeared from the club. While Perry’s agent stated that he would be leaving the team to tackle “personal matters,” the team described it as a “organizational decision” and stated that he would be gone for the “foreseeable future.” This gave the impression that Perry made the decision on his own.

Luke Richardson, coach of the Blackhawks, addressed the media:

“There’s no update on that end. He’s away from the team and will remain so for the foreseeable future. I’m unable to provide any further update on that front.”

And when pressed for more details, he replied:

“It’s been a team decision, so far, to hold him out. It is coming from the organization’s end, yes.”

What then transpired? It’s crazy to assume that the Blackhawks wouldn’t be open and honest with fans if a significant issue was actually occurring, especially considering how thoroughly they cleaned house following the Kyle Beach affair, which they at the time seemed to brush under the rug as a team. And yet, we are clueless.

Do fans have a right to clarification? Perhaps so, but as they say, “tight lips sink…the internet into a spiral of hilarious and most likely untrue conspiracy theories and rumors.” That’s a discussion for another time. Granted, that may not be a real phrase, but the statement remains accurate. Rumors start when you leave it up to people to speculate.

Exhibit A: Corey Perry departed the team after getting caught groping the golden boy’s mother on the yearly mothers’ trip out.

Yes, the most recent tidbit circulating the internet is that 38-year-old Corey Perry, also known as Scorey Perry, had a romantic relationship with Connor Bedard’s mother Melanie (who is a hottie, by the way), which is why he ended up leaving the team. Even though it’s a ridiculous and unfounded allegation, Corey Perry is currently trending highly on Twitter, and even non-hockey fans are going to take a liking to it.

All things considered, We sincerely hope that Corey Perry and his family are doing well and that he can rejoin the club and carry on being the outstanding veteran leader he has been this season. Corey Perry is hated by all hockey fans—that is, until he plays for you.

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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