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Dallas Stars See Their Odds for the 2018 Stanley Cup Go Sky-High

Las Vegas has recently produced its 2018 Stanley Cup odds and the Dallas Stars have further improved their standing. However, the situation was quite different during the 2016-17 season for the same team. Inconsistent play and injuries took the team which had aspirations for the Stanley Cup into one that ended up in the bottom-ten bracket. The Stars made this the second-worst record since they started playing and failed to attain the playoffs position by 15 points.

It was an ugly period and provided the team with a lot of things to think about during their offseason break. It was also a spot that was highly awkward for the Stars, being that they played in the playoffs two of the previous four years. Since the 2016-17 season ended up being wasted for them, everyone involved got a bit older and the team was ready to go forth with some major changes. Jim Nill, the team’s GM did the sensible thing and took control during the offseason for the NHL. He acquired some of the best talents from many fields and upgraded his team in a quick manner. The goaltending was boosted by adding Ben Bishop, while the defense was improved by the arrival of Marc Methot. The forward additions of Alexander Radulov and Martin Hanzal are also noteworthy, as well as the introduction of Ken Hitchcock to the Stars team.

Now, the Dallas Stars are yet again one of the biggest favorites and the team is determined to make an impact on this season. However, it is still an open question whether or not will they be able to live up to the expectations. The question should get at least a partial answer on October 6th, but as of now, Las Vegas casinos believe the Stars are on the right course. Judging by the Bovadas release of Stanley Cup odds, there is a 12/1 chance that the Stars will take it. Also, 2018 Stanley Cup Odds placed them third on this list, together with the Chicago Blackhawks. The Edmonton Oilers and the Pittsburgh Penguins are the only teams ranked higher. The odds have improved for the Stars since June when they were given a 16/1 shot.

The recent climb is very impressive because the team did not even make it to the playoffs in the previous season. The jump on the odds lists also shows how the Stars improved in this offseason. Right now, there is not much wiggle room left between those teams. Also, all the top 17 teams in the NHL have a realistic chance of getting the Cup. The entire league is differently positioned this year so no team can expect an easy ride to the top. The Dallas Stars will have a tough road ahead of them and it will become even tougher in the Western Conference. Here, the competition will be fierce and surprise challenges will come about as well.

Because of this, there will be plenty of things to watch during the regular NHL season of 2017-18 and now, the Stars look like they are at the top of the food chain. The NHL season begins on October 4th, while the Dallas stars start two days later. Will this season meet their expectations or will it be destined for another year of disappointment? The fans will have to be patient and see, which is naturally the hardest part.

Updated Odds To Win 2018 Stanley Cup Finals by MyBookie:

Edmonton Oilers 10/1

Chicago Blackhawks 12/1

Tampa Bay Lightning 12/1

Washington Capitals 12/1

Philadelphia Flyers 40/1

New York Rangers: 16/1

Columbus Blue Jackets: 20/1

Montreal Canadiens: 20/1

Toronto Maple Leafs: 20/1

Los Angeles Kings: 22/1

San Jose Sharks: 22/1

Boston Bruins: 28/1

Calgary Flames: 28/1

St. Louis Blues: 28/1

New York Islanders: 33/1

Ottawa Senators: 33/1

Florida Panthers: 40/1

Philadelphia Flyers: 40/1

Carolina Hurricanes: 50/1

Winnipeg Jets: 50/1

Buffalo Sabres: 66/1

Arizona Coyotes: 100/1

Detroit Red Wings: 100/1

New Jersey Devils: 100/1

Vancouver Canucks: 100/1

Colorado Avalanche: 125/1

Vegas Golden Knights: 125/1

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