Small Saves Cartoon of the Week and eNewszine 11/4/18

Hi, everyone!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween and J. Plante Day!

This week we go back to the vault to bring you a classic Small Saves cartoon drawn back in 2001…


Aside from creating Small Saves, I enjoy drawing everything from dinosaurs to goalies. Please enjoy some samples I came across the other day while looking for some artwork.

If you’d like an original drawing (from pets, loved ones, cars, etc., please feel free to contact me here at smallsaves@comcast.net . I keep prices very affordable so everyone can enjoy owning an original piece of custom artwork.


Small Saves Fun Section

Enjoy these fun Small Saves-themed activities!

Color in your very own Small Saves cartoon! You can place him in any color jersey you like. Be creative and have fun!


Here is the new promo I’m sending out geared towards youth and high school hockey teams.


Since this week’s cartoon is from the Small Saves vault, Here are a few more cartoons from that time period of 2001. These cartoons can be found in Small Saves’ very first cartoon collection book, “Goalie on Vacation.” Here is the link to purchase your very own copy.



Dinosaurs were always a big part of my childhood. I’ve turned my passion from wanting to be a paleontologist to drawing the ancient beasts. I’ve opened my own Amazon store to feature exclusive (and growing) lineup of prehistoric shirts.

Click on the link below to see them. ?



I’m now in the process of opening separate Amazon stores for my designs. There will be an exclusive store for each theme.

Amongst these stores, there will be one for hockey, one for goaltending, and one for Official Small Saves Shirts.

Here’s the logo and link to this store. It just opened up last night, so it will take about a week to get all of little Small Saves shirts listed.



Well, everyone…

Have a great week and we’ll see you all next week with more Small Saves cartoons!

Jay… and Small Saves!

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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Igor Burdetskiy
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