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Weekly Wager Wednesday #11 (12/31/14)

I hope everyone that celebrates had a great Christmas and to everyone else happy holidays.

Also happy early new years!

I went a perfect 3-0 going into Xmas break and sit with a 24-9 record. To wrap up 2014 there’s a whopping 11 games! The last time I was faced with 9 games I went 8-1 so I’ll test my luck to go for a near perfect WWW.

New York Islanders vs. Winnipeg Jets

Iggy’s Pick: Islanders

Here’s Why: The Islanders have been one of the most impressive teams this season and it’s due to their play in all 3 zones of late.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Buffalo Sabres

Iggy’s Pick: Bolts

Here’s Why: It’s hard to side with the Sabres and in a matchup this seasawed you’d have to be crazier than I already am to go against the Bolts.

New York Rangers vs. Florida Panthers

Iggy’s Pick: Rangers

Here’s Why: Rangers are starting to heart up and I just don’t think the Panthers will be able to keep up with them for 60 minutes.

Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins

Iggy’s Pick: Bruins

Here’s Why: I’d actually like to point out that the B’s have terrible luck playing in NYE games so I think this will be my game to break my perfect streak. Nonetheless this should be a good one to close out 2014.

Carolina Hurricanes vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Iggy’s Pick: Pens

Here’s Why: This should be a gift game for the Pens in earning 2 Pts.

Minnesota Wild vs. Columbus Blue Jackets

Iggy’s Pick: BJs

Here’s Why: I’ll keep it as pj as I can but home team takes it here, #BJsFTW

New Jersey Devils vs. Detroit Red Wings

Iggy’s Pick: Wings

Here’s Why: Home game advantage will be the factor here and not to mention Howard’s #’s have been great this season.

San Jose Sharks vs. Anaheim Ducks

Iggy’s Pick: Sharks

Here’s Why: It seems like the Sharks have the Ducks’ # in the regular season and I think that dominace continues into 2015.

Arizona Coyotes vs. Dallas Stars

Iggy’s Pick: Stars

Here’s Why: The two teams aren’t in the playoffs but the Stars can put up goals unlike the Coyotes.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Colorado Avalanche

Iggy’s Pick: Avs

Here’s Why:  Flyers are up and down and I’m loving the home ice advantage to wrap up 2014 for all teams today.

Edmonton Oilers vs. Calgary Flames

Iggy’s Pick: Flames

Here’s Why: There’s only one other team you don’t pick other than the Sabres and that’s the Oilers…Happy Early New Year!

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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I grew up playing Ball and Roller Hockey day and night somewhat religiously throughout elementary and middle school. The two don't compare though when I lace up the skates and hit the ice. I live and breathe hockey beyond the perspective of "it's just a game" and I will gladly talk hockey for hours with anyone. Hockey is more than just a lifestyle, it's a culture of passionate people who make memories every time the puck is dropped. Hockey has not only helped me get through some of the hardest times in life but has created some of the best memories to date. Want to talk hockey with me? Shoot me an email: iburdetskiy@hookedonhockey.com and let's talk some hockey!
Igor Burdetskiy
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