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Average NHL Ticket Prices 2013-2014 Season

Despite losing 34 games the prior season over what many considered another foolish lockout, came a cramped 48-game shortened season with plenty of action every night. And of course with such success and interest the National Hockey League’s average ticket price has gone up once again.

More than two-thirds of the league, twenty-one teams to be exact, have increased ticket prices by 1 percent or more this season, led by the 2013 Stanley Cup champions, Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks had the biggest percentage increase at 16 percent, pushing their average ticket to $72.95 (Last Season’s Price $62.88). The average National Hockey League ticket rose 2.3 percent to $61.62 for the 2013-14 season. That’s roughly up $1.61 from last season’s average of $61.01. Only two teams showed percentage decreases of more than 1 percent, the Florida Panthers (-26.7 percent to $40.85) and the Nashville Predators (-6.6 percent to $56.43). The Toronto Maple Leafs, like usual, have the highest average regular season ticket price in the league at $122.20 (up 2.4 percent).

The Dallas Stars have the cheapest average ticket at $37.28, up $1.19 from last season’s average ticket price of $36.09. The average NHL premium ticket (which includes club seats and any season ticket with added amenities) is $148.90. The increase is only $3.57 from last season’s average price of $145.33. Premium seats (not including luxury suites) account for nearly 15 percent of the NHL inventory.

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Coming back to the current Stanly Cup Champion Blackhawks, success has surely come at a price in Chicago. Blackhawks ticket prices have gone up a whopping 109 percent since the 2007-08 season, coinciding with the team’s rise in fortune and popularity. The average Blackhawks ticket was once $34.88 back in 2007, which was then the third-lowest in the NHL. Two years later, the Blackhawks would go on to win the first of two Stanley Cups in this ticket increase era and now have a season ticket waiting list too.


Fun fact: The average beer price is up to $7.34 for a 16 ounce beer. The Anaheim Ducks, Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders reported the most expensive “cheapest” beer at $9.50. Although all 3 were playoff teams last season that doesn’t justify pricing a 16oz of beer for more than what a 6pack would cost you at your local liquor store.

So what do you think of the ticket price increases over the last few seasons: Are you still going to as many games as before?

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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  1. […] Originally Posted by Kerfuffle Ugh – unfortunately you don't get it and missed the point entirely. I am NOT bragging about anything – why would you think that I'm happy paying TWICE as much for tickets and think somehow that's something to be proud of? Your post was all over the place – talking about original six teams (which is irrelevant and something I never brought up – and frankly who cares – I wasn't alive in 1928 or whenever we started). Nor did I say we have better fans – although I noticed you liked to attack me by saying we have bandwagon fans. Well, every team has bandwagon fans, LA Kings included. Again – irreievant since the conversation is about seating capacity, ticket prices, and revenue. I am trying to figure out how LA ownership can keep ticket prices at 50% of what we pay and still pay near a maximum cap. Since you don't know, I'll look for the answer elsewhere. Why the **** do you keep repeating this? You DON'T pay twice as much for tickets unless you're comparing where you sit with the people who sit in the upper levels. The average price of tickets to a Blackhawks game is $72.95 and the Kings are $62.75 and the Bruins are $73.91. Seriously, just knock off your making **** up stuff. Average NHL Ticket Prices 2013-2014 Season | Hooked On Hockey Magazine […]

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