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Sweden Slips By Germany at 2015 World Championships

After the upsetting 6-4 loss against Canada, Sweden tries to keep one of the top spots when they faced Germany on Thursday. With Jhonas Enroth back in net, Sweden played another close game, but managed to scrape by with a 4-3 win.

About halfway through the first period, there was an intermission caused by a piece of the glass dislodging and needing to be repaired.

To restart the game, Oscar Moller claimed his 3rd goal of the preliminary round. About a minute and a half later, Joakim Lindstrom tallied another goal for Sweden.

Germany quickly answered back with a goal near the end of the first period. However Stephan Daschner was ejected from the game at the end of the first.

The second period was uneventful with the only goal coming from Germany, scored by Nicolas Krammer in the middle of the second.

To open up the third, John Klingberg whips one past Pielmeier to give Sweden a 3-2 lead. A few minutes later, Oscar Moller gets his fourth point of the game and second goal of the night to bring the score to 4-2.

The game in its entirety was very defense heavy, Germany quickly answered to most of Sweden’s goals and staying tight on their trial only allowing a 2 goal differential for a few minutes.

Despite Sweden’s win, Germany managed to get one last point with around 5 minutes to go.

Sweden only trails Canada by one point in the preliminary round, despite their 6-4 loss against Canada on Wednesday.

Hopefully after having a break Friday and Sunday, the next two games will have a good outcome. Sweden will play Switzerland on Saturday and France on Monday.


Kayley Holloway

Kayley Holloway

Atlanta native studying PR at the University of Florida. Yes, I'm aware the Thrashers do not exist anymore. No, I'm still not over it. I am quite the fan of Sweden, their language and hockey team alike. I'm also that person who will chase down anyone with NHL paraphernalia... I just really like hockey.
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