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The Secret Revealed: Why Patrice Bergeron Played Game 82 in Montreal

The Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron’s health and wellbeing is currently a big topic in New England.

In the first and second games of the Bruins’ Stanley Cup Playoff series against the Florida Panthers, Bergeron was absent due to illness and an unexplained injury, respectively. The problem is that Bergeron was hurt in the final match of the regular season for the Bruins. Neither the Boston Bruins nor their opponent, the Montreal Canadiens, had much at risk in this game in terms of standings.

Bergeron, though, is a native of Quebec and seizes every chance to compete there. Bergeron participated in that meaningless 82nd regular-season game despite requests from the team’s support base for him to sit out and get ready for the postseason. Since other league organizations were resting their stars in the final games, the Bruins had the least to gain and the least to lose by doing the same. They were going to finish top of the league regardless of how that last week of the regular season played out.

In spite of this, Bergeron continued to play and made it obvious how essential it was to him and his family for him to play in front of his loved ones and friends during what may be his final season. Okay, fair enough.

Bergeron departed the game in the first period with what is thought to be an upper body ailment, which is the problem. So right, the captain was injured during a pointless game. exactly as promised by supporters…

But now that Bergeron is giving us the whole picture of that “meaningless” game, it’s heartbreaking to say the least.

There are numerous web claims today that Bergeron’s father Gerard Cleary has cancer and that he would not get another chance to see his son play hockey after that “meaningless” game.

Look it over:

Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey Now’s response:

Shukri Wrights of ESPN:

Bergeron hasn’t officially confirmed his father’s health through the organization, but given the reports, it won’t be long before one of the team’s beat reporters questions him about it. Remain tuned.

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