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This Stat Suggests the Maple Leafs Will Make a Comeback Against the Panthers

If you ask around Leafs Nation, you’ll probably hear how the sky is falling since the Leafs are behind the Florida Panthers 2-0 in the second round. In any case, Ryan O’Reilly, the leader of the Leafs’ locker room, publicly stated that he thinks his team will win the series after they lost Game 2 and showed no sign of being concerned about the hole they had created for themselves. Actually, there is a very good reason for us to think that.

Every night, it feels like the Leafs are on the verge of winning, but the Panthers and Sergei Bobrovsky, their player of the moment, stole it from under them.

The Russian goalie appears to have regained his mojo, and his performances are astounding. He has a 0.945 save percentage and a 2 GAA in the two games he’s played versus Toronto.

The Leafs haven’t gone easy on him, shooting 73 times in two games.

James Mirtle of The Athletic reports that compared to Florida’s 19 opportunities against Ilya Samsonov, the Leafs have amassed a remarkable 36 high-danger scoring chances on Sergei Bobrovsky. The Leafs are nearly DOUBLING the Panthers in high-danger chances, you read that right.

The Panthers are a top-notch hockey team, no doubt. Yes, they defeated the Bruins, but this Leafs squad is structured differently and just defeated a group that advanced to three straight Stanley Cup Finals while also winning two Cups. I find it hard to imagine that despite being heavy favorites to win, the Leafs, who are obviously outplaying their opponents and tilting the ice in their favor, will merely collapse and lose in 4 straight games to the Panthers, who were eliminated in Round 2 last year.

The Leafs still have plenty of time to turn this series around, and it all begins on Sunday when they travel to Florida and defeat the Panthers at BB&T Arena. They simply need to play each game as it comes and keep creating these high-risk scoring opportunities. Bobrovsky will eventually revert to a pumpkin.

Igor Burdetskiy

Igor Burdetskiy

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Igor Burdetskiy
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