Wayne Gretzky is Set to Appear on The Simpsons

There will be one Great One featured in December 11th’s episode; as the first hockey player who will lend his voice to a long-running show according to the latest reports. In addition to the list of Springfield where they will be a list of places that might be the place of Wayne Gretzky as this will be one of the ways to have these events.

Gretzky is the leading NHL scorer in history while playing in Edmonton, St. Louis, Los Angeles, and New York. According to the boss of Homer Simpson’s, Mr. Burns, he was that was an excellent idea. Many sportsbooks remember the days when Gretzky used to play, he would move the hockey lines no matter game or team he was in.

“We have reach out to him to assist us,” said Al Jean, who is an executive producer for the show since the year 1998. “We’re looking for these heroes of the winter such as Jack Frost and Santa Claus, and there could not be a bigger hockey champion than Wayne Gretzky.” Gretzky is now NHL leader in terms of goals (894), points (2,857) and assists (1,963) after playing for 21 seasons especially with the Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues from 1979-99 that makes him one of the legends in the game.

“People are arguing about many things, but they are never argue about who is the greatest of all-time hockey player. It has always been him,” Jean said about Gretzky, who did record his part the summer. He was happy about the stories after the successful seasons in the game that make him one of the greatest hockey players in the NHL.

Jean grew up within Michigan playing as a fan of Detroit Red Wings. His success in the game is compared to the William sisters (Venus and Serena) in tennis, with Magic Johnson in NBA especially in terms of competitive success. Many athletes have always lent personal voice to this show with an exemption of Gretzky who was the first hockey player ever to do so. He was amazing especially after the amazing performance in the game in the season of 1992-1996.

“We had to obtain permission from his wife, Colleen, by thinking whether it was a perfect idea of using him within the show,” Jean said. “Growing up well on big Red Wings fan, there is nobody bigger compared to Gordie”. This was something that you would enjoy especially when playing the game.

When he was asked, he made a team especially when looking for these options especially when playing for the Red Wings in the Stanley Cup after winning it for the 1st time in his life in the year 1997, which was something amazing during the process.

In the Season six episode “on Lisa on Ice,” which was aired live on November 13, 1994, Lisa and Bart ending up playing one another in the game; Bart as a forward while Lisa as the goalie on their teams respectively. During the time, many Canadians were enjoying the game especially working as a fan in the game. “The Simpsons,” as always been one of the American longest-running sitcom and animated program (with over 600 episodes) is in the 28th season that airs on Sundays at exactly 8 p.m. ET only on FOX.

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