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6 Signs You’re a St. Louis Blues Fan

The Blues have had a rough go with the Blackhawks so far, that much is obvious.  And despite the overtime loss last night, the St. Louis Blues still have a chance to take back this round.  If you’re having a hard time feeling excited for the next game, here are a few reminders to help you support your favorite team…

1. You know there is no better way to listen to the National Anthem then when Charles Glenn sings it.  

And there is no better way to end it, than with a loud crescendo of “home of the BLLUUUEEESSS!”


2. You don’t care how old you are, taking a picture with Louie Blues is something you strive for at every game.  

Anytime you see Louie, you get pumped up for the game all over again.

Louie Blues gets the crowds roaring during a game. (Getty Images)
Louie Blues gets the crowds roaring during a game. (Getty Images)


 3. Three words. Say them with me. Power Play Dance.  

Arms up at a 90 degree angle, “Twilight Zone” by 2 Unlimited blasts through the air, begin drunken robot movement. You might not know what it means or how it started, but you’re a Blues fan.  Do the Power Play Dance.


 4. You know the Towel Guy, or you know someone, who knows someone, who knows the Towel Guy.  

Either way, you’re practically related.  You know that he is the biggest die-hard Blues fan, going to every single came for what seems like decades.  How does he make it all the way up to Section 314 when he’s clearly 100 years old? Because he’s a Blues fan, that’s why.


5. LGB.

L.G.B. This is not a war cry for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual community. It is the way insiders, those true blue fans, express their camaraderie in daily life.  Sure, I could shout Lets Go Blues at the games, but like a passing nod to a fellow Jeep driver, just give a little LGB and they’ll know what’s up.



6. Three short sounds, of any kind, will automatically make you begin the “Lets Go Blues” chant.  

You just can’t help it.  The game horn that started it all has taken over your life.  Three blasts and it’s go time.

And despite a few unsavory rumors, Blues fans are always welcoming to newbie fans.  We love our team.  We love our city.  And we love cheering on our sports teams with lifers and newcomers alike.  We may not be past Stanley Cup Champs, but anything’s possible for this determined club’s future.  So grab a new jersey, practice your Power Play Dance and when you hear the horn go, HONK. HONK. HONK. Don’t forget to chant, “LETS. GO. BLUES.”

Stephanie Minor

Stephanie Minor

I was born and raised in St. Louis. My family loves hockey. Let's Go Blues!!!! I write novels in my spare time; and any time I have the cash to travel, I will. Soccer is my other favorite sport. I lived in New York City for a minute-it was awesome. I need coffee to survive, but no, seriously. And a last fun fact: I am the worst ice skater, ever; but I still like to try!
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