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7 Signs You’re a San Jose Sharks Fan

Each hockey team’s fans have their own staple. Sharks fans are definitely one of the more unique ones in sports, loudest in sports, and in my honest opinion some of the coolest in sports. These are the top seven signs that you are definitely a San Jose Sharks fan:

7. You get chills listening to Seek and Destroy 

You walk into the Tank, watch warm-ups, read the stat sheet, listen to Dan Rusanowsky do the pregame report, and watch the pregame video. Then, it starts. Metallica music starts to blast around SAP Center, and the hairs on the back of your neck stands up. The Sharks skate out of the big Shark head, and you’re going nuts. As Seek and Destroy is loudly being played inside, you’re clapping vigorously and getting ready for the starting lineups. Plus it’s a pretty good song so it gets you in a good, pumped up mood before a game.

6.  Before the anthem you yell: “Hey ________! YOU SUCK!”

Right before the national anthem(s) is sung, half the arena yells “Hey (insert team name)” and the other half yells “You Suck.” It’s a super fun tradition to take part in. It always gives the out-of-towners a good chuckle after they realize what’s going on. The tough time to do this is when the fans get to sing the anthem (which is fun, don’t get me wrong). There’s that awkward second when the PA guy Danny Miller starts the singing off and you’re in the middle of yelling at a team. But yeah…super fun tradition nonetheless.

5. If you’ve been to The Tank, you love that dancing guy in the orange hat.

So I haven’t seen him for a while, but if he’s at the Tank, and the dance cam comes on, in the very last row of Section 228, is a man with a white jersey and an orange hat. He doesn’t dance. HE DESTROYS. He does a mini pole dance on the hand rail and throws his hat up in the air, and just does a bunch of goofy things, that puts a smile on everybody’s face.

4. You are sure that every year is “the year”

“We got this.” “I have a good feeling.” “There’s no way we’re choking this year.” Yeah we always say that, and it looks super good, and then the playoffs happen, and we all know how that worked out for us the past few seasons. Stupid Queens…

3. You’ve always wanted to skate through the Shark head

(San Jose Sharks Entrance via dirtydangle.com)
(San Jose Sharks Entrance via dirtydangle.com)

Fun fact: The giant shark head was originally only going to be used for one game. Years later it’s still here and is still going strong. People have gotten to skate through it during special events, but not too many with smoke, and only one right before an actual game (Sam Tageson…yay Sam!). I’ve never personally gotten to do it, but it must be super fun skating through it with 17,562 people crazily yelling.

2. You hate the LA Kings with a fiery passion

No, but seriously, you hate everybody on the Kings, like Dustin Brown, Jonathan Quick, EVERY OTHER GUY WHO WEARS THAT JERSEY, and their entire fan base. Nothing to really elaborate on here…

1. You bleed teal

sharks territory
Even after all of the playoff defeats, and tough times as a fan, you are not a bandwagoner. You bleed teal no matter what, and nothing can change that.

Honorary Mention: We Definitely Have the Best Broadcasting Team in Sports

Randy Hahn, Drew Remenda, Brodie Brazil, Dan Rusanowsky, and Jamie Baker. Enough said.

So there you have it, the top seven signs. If you can relate with these seven signs then you’re definitely a fan of Team Teal.

Jacob M

Jacob M

I'm a huge Sharks fan who has been watching hockey/covering hockey for 6 years. I hate Gary Bettman with a passion. I tweet about the Sharks/to the Sharks...a lot. (@sjsharksfinatic)
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