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Just A Game

It’s just a game.

Everyone gets lost in the day-to-day rumours, highlights and millions of dollars that are thrown around as if it was nothing. That doesn’t change the fact that hockey was, and always will be, just a game.

For that reason alone I wholeheartedly support the NHL’s decision to postpone the game in Ottawa, where the Senators were ready to take on the Leafs. Unfortunately, there was a casualty in the day’s very real battle of Ontario.

Cpl. Nathan Cirillo lost his life on Wednesday. There shouldn’t be any game reviews or highlights to overshadow that. Especially with it coming so close to home. As much as there has been wide-spread support throughout the world for Ottawa, there can never be too much.

That is why this isn’t going to be a long-winded article about prioritizing news or the debate about whether the game should or should not have been postponed. This is merely a writer seeking to show respect to a man that lost his life protecting a lot of the freedoms that everyone uses every day. The world comes together in days like this and we show that there is no fear. There is only an overwhelming sense of pride and strength, along with the mourning for an innocent soul.

Here’s to you Cpl. Cirillo. And here’s to all of the brave men and women protecting our freedoms both here and around the world.

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Steve Auld

Steve Auld

My name is Steve and I am from the very noble Auld clan of Niagara, where we respect our elders and follow the golden rules: elbows up, and keep your stick on the ice. When not tearing up beer league or ball hockey, I enjoy the occasional downtime I have with my fiancée and son. Love me some music too, all kinds. If you feel I did a good job or you want to argue, feel free to leave a comment!
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