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Schneider becomes the Devil

Oh what an interesting draft day it was.  It wasn’t long before the Vancouver Canucks and General Manager Mike Gillis made a huge splash at the draft.  Since the 2012 NHL Playoffs, two goalies have been the subject of trade rumors in Vancouver, Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider.  Both handled it with class and professionalism and yesterday “the trade” happened.  It wasn’t who you thought would be traded, Cory Schneider was dealt to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for the 9th overall pick in the draft which became Bo Horvat.

While Devils fans were absolutely thrilled that finally they have a goalie that’s less than 40 years old, and someone who might lead them to a Stanley Cup again one day, Vancouver fans were shocked, belittled, and not impressed.

Cory Schneider is now a member of the New Jersey Devils (Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE)
Cory Schneider is now a member of the New Jersey Devils

I can understand both sides, Devils found there guy when Brodeur leaves. While the Canucks side, well fans were led to believe since the 2012 NHL Playoffs that Roberto Luongo’s days are over in Vancouver and he’s on his way out.  So what happened? Well simple really, there was no market for Luongo, whose contract is bigger than Brad Marchands nose. No one wants to take a contract like that on with this new CBA.  So what does Gillis do? He goes to Schneider.  Ultimately in the end, Mike Gillis built his own bed in this mess and now he has to get out of it somehow.

In my opinion, the worst part of this deal will be the continued goalie drama that will ensue throughout the off-season. Well one goalie is gone now you say? Yeah the wrong one is gone.  Up until 72 hours ago, Schneider wasn’t the man to get traded, it was Luongo, he was going to be either bought out, or be traded to a team and now all of a sudden it changes? How do you think Roberto Luongo feels now? For over a year now, Gillis has said Schneider is the man in Vancouver, and they are finding ways to trade Luongo and now everything changes? Doesn’t look so good does it?  Mike Gillis said he had a plan all along, but I really don’t think he did, it looked like he picked a name out of a hat blindfolded while doing jumping jacks.

This trade wasn’t the brightest move by Gillis only because Edmonton and Calgary were offering packages, so why didn’t they ask for a package from the Devils? Why didn’t they get more?

Gillis could’ve done a better job with this trade and somehow got more, but I guess you have to do what you have to do. Unless Bo Horvat turns into a great two way player and succeeds in Vancouver, this trade could quite possibly haunt Vancouver till Cory Schneider retires.

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