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St. Louis Blues Rise to the Top

The St. Louis Blues are ON FIRE.  Not only has their goaltending been on point, but several players have turned into all-stars within the first twelve games of the season.  The Blues have also won 7 GAMES IN A ROW.

Of the players shining through so far this season, Vladimir Tarasenko is an obvious winner.  Tarasenko has scored four goals and had one assist in the last three Blues games.  Seven of the last 12 goals for St. Louis were his as well.  Tarasenko was named No. 1 Star of the Week (for the week of Nov. 2nd) by the NHL for his first career hat trick against Dallas.  And yet, despite all his recent success, Tarasenko remains a team player.  During his post-game interviews, he focused his praise on the efforts of the team as a whole.  Not one to let success get to his head, Tarasenko was quick to get on the ice for practice the day after his hat trick.
Tarasenko’s humble confidence makes him all the more lovable.  new teammate Jori Lehtera says his teammate’s confidence helps boost his own desire to play better.
With all of these new faces on the roster, having chemistry on the ice can take time, but not for the Blues.  Hometown player, Stastny has had no trouble making friends on and off the ice, adjusting to his new team.  He was injured in the game against Arizona on October 18th and will play for the first time this week.
Blues veteran Kevin Shattenkirk said of Stastny’s return to the ice, “he’s just a guy that makes any lineup better. He’s going to jump right in.”
T.J. Oshie, however, remains on the injured reserve list due to his earlier concussion he sustained during the game against Dallas on October 28th.
As for the goaltenders, Elliott and Allen have both proven to be exceptional goaltenders.  Allen had two consecutive shutouts in his recent games.  Jim Corsi has worked heavily with both goalies, helping them develop consistency in their playing.  Corsi mentioned in an interview that by having a “commonality in their goaltending…and to play with each other instead of off each other,” they can maintain their winnings.  Brian and Allen both have individual styles, but like the rest of the St Louis Blues players, they keep a team-oriented mindset.
Allen uses all he can to stop the Devil's offense from making the shot. (Andy marlin/ NHLI Getty Images)
Allen uses all he can to stop the Devil’s offense from making the shot. (Andy marlin/ NHLI Getty Images)
The fact that Hitchcock continues to give Allen chances to succeed even with Elliott being the front man, shows that the St Louis coaches keep this mindset as well.  With this theme of consistency and commonality, and a dash of camaraderie (see what I did there?) the Blues have a serious shot at taking this season all the way to the top.
The Blues beat back the Devils once again, despite the rough ending on November 6th.  The Blues lost their momentum in the last five minutes of the game, giving New Jersey the chance to score.  And yet, the Blues came out on top, taking the game 4-3.  Although Allen’s shutout streak ended, he managed to keep the Devil’s out of the net long enough to take the title of longest shutout streak of a Blues goalie since the record in 1969-70 by Ernie Wakely, with just over 184 minutes,
Tarasenko managed to score another amazing goal, nearly as smooth as the last one, as well.  Check out the video and watch this Blue Note beat those sneaky Devils.

Stephanie Minor

Stephanie Minor

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