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Sweden Whitewashes Norway

Sweden defeated Norway Sunday in impressive fashion, the neighboring countries were only close for the first few minutes. Sweden out shot Norway 14-1 in the opening frame, 17-10 in the second, and 14-2 in the third. Sweden outscored Norway, 3-0 in the first and second periods, 4-0 in the last period. The newly promoted Norway team has given up 26 goals, while only scoring one goal.

Both team started their back up goalies in the third game of group play. Swedish goalie Marcus Högberg, who recorded a shutout in his World Junior debut, bested Norway’s back up goalie Henrik Haukeland.

Capitals prospect Andre Burakowsky scored a hat-trick in the game. Alexander Wennberg and Sebastian Collberg continued their dominance in the tournament with a goal and two assist a piece. Gustav Olofsson, Nick Sörensen and Elias Lindholm also tallied a goal and two assists apiece for Sweden. Robert Hägg and Robin Norell also scored, and Captain Filip Forsberg added three assists.

1st period scoring

3:26 Olofsson  (1) from Johnson and Wennberg

8:55 Burakowsky (1) from de la Rose and Lindholm

15:42 Burakowsky (2) from Olofsson and Forsberg

2nd period scoring

21:16 Hagg (1) from Sorenson and Walkmark

25:01 Burakowsky (3) from Sorenson

29:42 Collberg (1) from Forsberg and Lindholm

3rd period scoring

43:40 Norell (1) from Collberg and Wennberg

46:31 Wennberg (3) from Collberg

51:51 Lindholm (1) from Forsberg and Olofsson

57:37  Sorenson (1) from Karlsson and Bengtsson

* # in () is goals in tournament

Sweden finishes group play in a New Years Eve showdown against current undefeated Russia, Norway finishes Monday against Switzerland.

Thomas Flaherty

Thomas Flaherty

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