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Washington Capitals 2014-15 Midseason Review


Predicted Preseason Record: 42-28- 12, 96 points

Actual Record: 22-11-8, 52 points

Predicted Final Record: 44-22-16, 104 points

Preseason Predicted Division Result: 3rd

Actual Division Result: Wildcard

Predicted Final Division Result: Wildcard

Predicted Preseason Point Leader: Nick Backstrom 85

Actual Point Leader: Nick Backstrom 41

Predicted Final Point Leader: Nick Backstrom 82

Predicted Preseason Goal Leader: Alex Ovechkin 52

Actual Goal Leader: Alex Ovechkin 21

Predicted Final Goal Leader: Alex Ovechkin 42

Preseason Predicted Assist Leader: Nick Backstrom 60

Actual Assist Leader: Nick Backstrom 28

Predicted Final Assist Leader: Nick Backstrom 56

Predicted Preseason Wins: Braden Holtby 30

Actual Wins: Braden Holtby 20

Predicted Final Wins: Braden Holtby 40

Predicted Preseason Team MVP: Alex Ovechkin

Actual MVP: Braden Holtby

*Holtby was 12-2-4 with 2 shutouts before game 42, 2-0 in games 42 and 43 with 1 shutout

Predicted Final MVP: Alex Ovechkin

PredictedPreseason/Actual/Predicted Final Capitals Rookie of the Year: Evgeny Kuznetsov

Braden Holtby and the Washington Capitals have been red hot since the beginning of December earning 32 points out of a possible 40. During that streak the Capitals lead the Eastern Conference in goals scored 55, and are tied for the lead in the league in 10 goal scorers with 6.

Thomas Flaherty

Thomas Flaherty

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