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The 5 Best Hockey Parodies on Twitter

Many hockey fans utilize Twitter to follow their favorite players, coaches, and reporters. Sometimes though, a simple parody can provide more entertainment than an actual verified account.

Here is a list of the top five hockey parodies you can currently find on Twitter:

5. Don Cherry Parody (@DonCherryParody)

After spending five seasons coaching the Boston Bruins earlier on in his career, Don Cherry has now made a living talking about hockey on one of Canada’s most popular television broadcasts. Cherry brings strong opinions to “Hockey Night in Canada”, but has the experience and knowledge to back them up. He loves the local boys, and this funny parody account uses all of Cherry’s known signatures to deliver hilarious material to its audience.

4. Condescending Torts (@FatherTorts)

Torts may be without a job at the moment, but this hasn’t stopped this funny parody account from delivering rude and hilarious hockey tweets to the masses. Run by a Rangers’ fan, the account continued to prosper throughout Torts’ unemployment, before growing even bigger after Torts was hired by the Canucks prior to the start of last season. The account doesn’t hold back with words, something we have grown accustomed to seeing from Tortorella.





3. Sidney Crosby’s Ego (@SidneyCrosbysEgo)

He’s the best player in the world and everyone knows it. Sidney Crosby isn’t on Twitter, but this parody account sure does a terrific job of making sure everybody knows just how talented Sid the Kid really is.





2. Boring Sean Monahan (@boringmonahan)

Calgary Flames rising forward Sean Monahan is known for being a little bland. This hilarious parody account takes that fact and turns it into pure gold. It remains a mystery who runs the account, but with almost 42,000 followers, the account is only following Flames forward Brian Brian Mcgrattan…


 1. Not Dany Heatley (@DanyAllStar15)

There may be a reason Anaheim Ducks’ forward Dany Heatley isn’t on Twitter. He simply could never top the brilliance of his parody account. Filled with hilarity, the Heater parody operates with confidence and swagger. The parody uses Healtey’s two 50-goal seasons in 2006 and 2007 as a running gag to remind twitter users how great the sniper once was. Some tweets are so accurate, it’s easy to forget that the account is a parody, and it really isn’t Dany Heatley behind the keyboard.

Brady Trettenero

Brady Trettenero

Writer and social/digital media for Hooked on Hockey Magazine. You can follow me on Twitter @BradyTrett.
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