The top hockey players and stand-out moments from the game

Hockey is one of the world’s most popular sport, with over 2 billion fans. Every season, millions upon millions of viewers tune in to the TV or head to stadiums to watch games. But what is it about hockey that makes it so popular? Is it the excitement, the players, or the memorable matches? Or perhaps, it’s a bit of all three?

Why do people love hockey?

Hockey is without a doubt one of the most exhilarating games around. Played at high speed, viewers can’t take their eyes off the screen for even a second, should they miss a bit of the action. As a result, not only do people enjoy playing hockey and watching it, but they also enjoy engaging with it in different ways.

There are also plenty of video games centered around hockey such as the NHL series, Hoser Hockey, Slapshot, Bush Hockey League, and Hockey Universe. These games allow fans to play hockey without having to train, or risk injury like their sporting heroes. Another area of gaming that has utilized the popularity of hockey is the online casino industry as there are a variety of slot titles around the sport. The popularity of this area means there are a multitude of options to choose from with different promotions such as welcome bonuses and free spins, so there are sites that review these options and generally help consumers navigate through the online sphere. This area is only likely to continue growing over the next decade.


Top hockey players

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It’s tough to come up with a definitive list of the best hockey players of all time, but there are some which consistently make the top 10. Wayne Gretzky for example is widely considered as one of the best. He played an impressive 20 seasons between 1979 and 1999 and is the leading goal scorer in NHL history. Another on the list is Gordie Howe, whose professional career spanned from 1946 to 1980 with a total of 26 seasons in the NFL. He was with the Detroit Red Wings for 25 of those and scored 801 goals and 1049 assists.

We must also mention big names such as Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Maurice Richard, and Mark Messier. It will come as no surprise that the vast majority of hockey stars are Canadian, as ice hockey is considered the official, national winter sport.

Best hockey moments

Every season is full of thrills and spills when it comes to hockey, but there are some games that stand out from the rest. For example, the longest playoff game in history was played between Detroit and the Montreal Maroons in 1936. The playoffs lasted an entire game longer than the original match and the game ended at 2:25 in the morning.

Another notable moment took place during the 1980 Olympic semi-final. Called the “Miracle on Ice”, the match was between the US and the Soviet Union. As the US team was made up of college-level players, hopes were not high for success. The Soviets had one of the best teams in the world and had won an exhibition game two weeks prior. Yet, at the last moment, the US team managed to score the two goals needed for them to attain victory.

But the most viewed game in history was the Canadian victory against Team USA during the 2010 Olympics. Almost half of all Canadians watched the game, rising to 80% of people who watched at least part of it. With Canada and the US being the most passionate hockey nations in the world, it’s not hard to understand why this game was so popular.

Hockey will continue to gain in popularity and we will likely see new records being made, new top moments, and more incredible players emerging in the not too distant future.

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