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Time to rally the Troops, it stops here!

I would like to tell you all that I’ve been a hockey fan since I was 5 years old, I am now 19 years old. I’ve been a huge Canucks fan since I was 7 years old.  I’ve been through one lockout, and honestly this lockout has been the worst one out of the two.

I just don’t know what to say anymore, what can you say? How can you stay positive and keep saying there will be hockey? One day they’re happy, and seems like there will be a hockey season in a few weeks, and the next day Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr are fighting like two little kids arguing whose older, see video from last week’s meetings between Fehr and Bettman:

I bet you’re getting sick of these “So this is what happened today” updates on facebook from me. I know I am. I’m so sick and tired of the sheer stupidity of two groups of reasonably “smart” people (and I use that term loosely) being unable to even get into the same room with each other and actually sit there and agree on things.   This entire lockout is to simply satisfy the owners’ egos and say “we’re better than them, ha ha”.

It’s unbelievable on how childish both sides are.  Both sides make more than anyone I know made in 10 years, so tell me why they are arguing? Like oh no! You might have to live in a Penthouse apartment, because you can’t afford a big house like a Hollywood celebrity! I can tell you many people who are HOMELESS and living on the streets, and DESERVE a house more than you whiny people.  The best thing is, you guys are adults, and you’re acting like two year olds.   If I had it my way, I would actually refuse hockey to be played, until Bettman or Fehr got the boot, I would hope for both!   And what bothers me the most is…This is Bettman’s third lockout and he hasn’t been canned or forced himself to quit?  Ridiculous

Now I am not saying you have to listen when I say this last part here, but give it consideration.  Once NHL hockey comes back, why watch it? Why go to a game? Why support it?  The reason why both sides are in a lockout is because both sides want more MONEY.  They want more MONEY.  We spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars a season on jerseys, beer, tickets to games, and they’re currently having a hissy fit because they want more MONEY?  Oh you poor thing, here let me play you the world’s smallest violin! At first I was thinking, oh this will last a few weeks, and will be good, but now I think there is no end in sight.

But my proposition to us loyal and hard-core hockey fans is this, don’t go to a hockey game, watch one on TV, buy a jersey or any NHL merchandise for the first month they’re back.  If we’re going to get our voice heard, we have to make sure it’s heard.  We are the reason why these teams are still in business, we go to the games, we buy the jerseys, and we buy the merchandise.  If we don’t do any of that, they’ll get the point.  You might think I am crazy, but I’ve talked to people in the Vancouver Media, specifically with someone I work with, and he said to me that we all should boycott the game for a month, why give them the satisfaction, when they are trying to satisfy themselves?  So join me, when the game comes back, whenever that is, don’t buy any merchandise, don’t go to any games, and don’t watch any on your TV for the first month. It might be hard, but if we want our voices heard, we have to do this. Stop letting stupid PR statement sway you to one side, stop favoring one side more, its time we create our own side, the side of paying and loyal hard-core fans.  It stops here, make your voice heard NOW.

Kevin Cawthra

Kevin Cawthra

Just a Canadian kid living the life. Currently the Canucks writer for hookedonhockeymagazine.com and a Sports writer for vancitybuzz.com. Follow me on twitter @KevinCawthra to talk hockey or any sports you like, or if you want to debate, give me your best shot!
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