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Top 10 St. Louis Blues Fights

Although debated by many, I personally enjoy the big hits and fights that undoubtably ensue during hockey games.  The grit of the game is as much a part of hockey as the finesse of a sweet shot.  From recent past to before I was even alive, here are some of the best hits and fights to follow.

10. Cam Janssen

Remember when Cam Janssen joined the Blues and proceeded to beat the crap out of everyone? I do.  The right winger had the leading number of fights for the Blues in the 2009-2010 season with 19 fights.  Sometimes, only a right hook will settle a score.
9. Blues record 85 fights

In the 1983-83 regular season, the Blues had a record 85 fights.  Perry Anderson had the leading number at 16 battles.  And after watching this video, only a fool would mess with this guy.  Rocking the 80’s, one punch at a time.
8. Wings and Blues Scruff It Out

It’s 1997. The Detroit Red Wings battle the St. Louis Blues. And lose. ‘Nuff said.
7. Smile for Reaves

Winnipeg native Ryan Reaves has become a key player for the St. Louis Blues this season.  He’s also a guy not afraid of a little blood. Or a flying tooth.  Reaves battles Brenden Dillon of the Dallas Stars and somewhere in the melee, a tooth flies loose. Check out the slow replay around the 3:20 minute mark.
6. Oshie Fisticuffs

T.J. Oshie might be known as the shootout king of the west, but he’s had his share of heavy hits as well.  Oshie knocks the crown off this king and a battle ensues.  A solid team effort for the Blues.
5. Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

The puck drops. The buzzer sounds. The fight begins.  If you were at this game, or even watching it elsewhere, you knew this was coming.
4. Racking Up The Minutes

Number five may have been a battle, but this was the war.  During the St. Patrick’s Day game of the 1991 season, the Blues and Blackhawks dropped their gloves and started an all out brawl.  A record 278 penalty minutes was the result. Rivalries never die.
3. Chase In Your Face

You can’t have a best fight list without a few key players.  Kelly Chase is one of those guys. In the 1989-1990 season Chase had 24 recorded fights.  Although this video shows a fairly even match against Sutter, the right winger held his own and never backed down from a fight on the ice.
2. Don’t Provoke, Probert!

Tony. Twist. He’ll rock you like a hurricane.  Yea, I just said that.  Any Blues fan knows this name and the feared enforcer this guy was for St. Louis.  Not to mention the player he’s fighting, Bob Probert.  These heavyweight champs of hockey fought hard and often during their careers on the ice.
1. Blues Brothers of Bruises

Bob, Barclay and Bill Plager.  Some might say these guys brought new life to the Blues franchise.  They fought each other, they fought other teams and even threw a sarcastic comment or two at the press.  Not known for their decorum, these brothers were a loud and fiercely loyal bunch.
From the early years to present day, hockey is all about the fight.  The fight for your teammates, for the fans and for the cup.
As always, long live the note!
Stephanie Minor

Stephanie Minor

I was born and raised in St. Louis. My family loves hockey. Let's Go Blues!!!! I write novels in my spare time; and any time I have the cash to travel, I will. Soccer is my other favorite sport. I lived in New York City for a minute-it was awesome. I need coffee to survive, but no, seriously. And a last fun fact: I am the worst ice skater, ever; but I still like to try!
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