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Vancouver Canucks shouldn’t wear the flying skate jerseys in 2019-20

The Vancouver Canucks have been one of the more interesting organizations in the NHL for over two decades now, and for various reasons other than Vancouver’s performance level out on the ice.

The Canucks have significantly changed their uniforms on three occasions since the late 1980’s, and Vancouver rebranded for the better back in 1997 and then again in 2007. Some NHL fans may not even be able to recognize the Canucks from the 1980’s and early 1990’s when the team’s color scheme entailed black, yellow, orange and red.

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Unfortunately, the Canucks announced earlier this month that they’ll be reintroducing the flying skate jersey in 2019-20 as an alternate sweater to honor the club’s 50th anniversary.

Vancouver introduced the flying skate “Canucks” logo back in 1985 and the logo lasted on a modified version of the original sweater until the end of the 1997 campaign.

Yes, one could make the argument that the jersey’s concept was so bad, that’s it’s good, but should Vancouver wear this jersey as an official alternate to honor the team’s 50th anniversary in 2019-20?


There are better options, and the Canucks should have just worn something similar to the team’s classic vintage-alternate sweater that the team wore from 2008 up until 2017. Yes, that jersey design is almost identical to the team’s current dark jersey, but it’s still more appealing than the flying skate jersey.

While the fans voted for this jersey to make a brief return, Vancouver should have just sought permission from the league to wear the jersey once in 2019-20, which is what the team did in 2016-17.

Most fans weren’t thrilled with the team’s original orca “C” jerseys, but this hockey jersey enthusiasts thinks that they were underrated and should make a reappearance out in Western Canada, soon.

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