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Watch Alex Ovechkin throw first pitch at Washington Nationals game (Video)

The Washington Capitals and Alex Ovechkin have been making headlines non-stop since they won the 2018 Stanley Cup and the first NHL championship in franchise history. The Capitals were lucky enough to win the Cup and be able to celebrate afterward in Las Vegas, and Washington’s tour with Lord Stanley headed back to D.C. earlier today for an appearance at an MLB game.

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Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, hosted the Capitals and their newest prized position for a matinee game against the San Francisco Giants.

Of course, there was a ceremonial first pitch to honor the Capitals bringing home a championship to the D.C. area for the first time since the Washington Red Skins won the NFL’s Superbowl back in 1992. I’m sure you could take a guess who threw out the first pitch or attempted to anyway.

Yes, that’s none other than Alex Ovechkin. While Ovi is a righthanded shooter on the ice, he’s apparently a lefty when it comes to pitching. Or, maybe he’s that bold that he wanted to try and show off and prove that he can throw left-handed when he’s actually a righty?

Either way, if this was anyone else that threw the ball that high out of the strike zone they probably would have never lived this one down. But since it’s Ovi — everything the superstar does is entertaining and accepted by the sports community. They even let him have a second chance.

Also, notice how Ovi is the only one wearing a personalized Nationals home jersey?

It is pretty cool that the jersey has that hockey swagger characteristic with the captain’s letter “C” stitched onto the upper right side. As most fans can recall, MLB teams typically don’t have players named as captains, nor have captaincy letters stitched onto the team’s uniforms.

Eventually, the captain and his teammates made their way up to a luxury suite where they had some cold adult beverages. Ovi even had a little fun with the crowd as he proceeded to just stand up for an extended period of time holding the Stanley Cup high above his head. It seems that Ovi is never trying to let Lord Stanley out of his reach — watch out.


Still, Ovi and the Caps have been having a blast with the Stanley Cup and it’s been just as fun to follow each step and hoist along the way.

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