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What the Ottawa Senators logo and jerseys might look like in 2019

It's time for the Senators to introduce new jerseys, again

No, the Ottawa Senators haven’t had any positive publicity over the past year, but there’s hope and some excitement to look forward to in Ottawa.

It’s been rumored that the Senators have been seeking a new logo and potential uniform design for the past few seasons, but it appears that Ottawa is finally going to make the big change NHL fans alike have been waiting for, well, for over a decade.

Per Chirs Creamer of SportsLogos, the Sens have sent out a survey to their season ticket holders which also entailed feedback on a potential new logo, or logos.

Below is what was leaked, and Hooked on Hockey Magazine has some thoughts on what the Ottawa Senators new jersey design and logos should entail as early as 2019-2020.

Which logos should Ottawa use?

The Senators should consider utilizing three logos from the graphics seen above. The vintage Senators logo, the first logo pictured, needs to return. It’s simple and timeless. While that’s not the original logo the team wore from 1992-97, it’s almost identical – minus “Ottawa Senators” scripted down the golden arc on the right side of the logo.

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The vintage logo is cleaner and would bring back fond memories from the team in comparison to the team’s current crest, which was introduced as an alternate during the late 1990’s (modified in 2007), and has since been overshadowed by the dark times the club has recently experienced.

Most NHL fans would more than likely want to see Ottawa use the “O” logo (top right) as one of the team’s primary logos moving forward. It’s turned out to be a great look, especially when the Senators have worn it in the outdoor and Heritage Classic games.

The “O” crest has been placed on an off-white, black and red sweater and has looked awesome on all three.

However, the other “O” logo pictured is too busy with the designs inside the letter, and it also has a gothic and outdated vibe to it.

Ottawa should consider using the “S” shield logo (bottom right), as nothing more than an alternate logo and one that’s used as a shoulder patch on the team’s sweaters. It’s the right mix of simple and flashy, plus has characteristics of the original alternate “S” logo from the 1990’s.

What the jerseys should look like

From 1999 until the end of the 2007 campaign, the Ottawa Senators used two different logos for their respective home and away sweaters. The team should consider taking that approach with the logos noted above and for the new Adidas sweaters that may take to the ice as soon as the 2019-2020 NHL season.

The Sens should still wear red at home, and a similar sweater design that the team wore in the NHL 100 Classic vs. the Montreal Canadiens back in December of 2017. While the jersey doesn’t entail Senators Gold, and silver instead, that appearance is arguably a better look for Ottawa.

As for the white road jerseys, Ottawa could use the vintage logo as the main crest and use a similar design to the vintage white sweater worn from 1997 until the end of the 2007 season. A modified version could really turn out to be one of the league’s better and more appreciated sweaters.

The third and alternate logo suggested could then be used on the shoulders for either jersey, or perhaps just the white road sweater.

The chances are that the Senators would also introduce a black alternate at some point in time, and if that were the case, Ottawa wouldn’t go wrong by donning something similar to the team’s alternate that was worn from 2011-17.

A hint of old school may just bring back some positive vibes that the Senators need.

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