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Why re-signing John Scott was not a Good Idea

John Scott was originally signed by the Sabres to serve an enforcer role.  Being 6’8” and 270 pounds, Scott definitely has the size to be intimidating.  However, Scott averages a little over 5:30 of ice-time last season.  Just about how much enforcing can you do in that much time? There are other enforcers in the league who play a larger role for their team.

I wouldn’t have signed Scott to a new contract.  This is not the NHL of the 90s where guys like Rob Ray and Tie Domi were really enforcers.  How can any team justify signing a guy to play 5:00 a game? The Sabres need more scoring.  They scored 118 goals in the strike-shortened season.  The Sabres were in the bottom third in this category.  I am a huge fan of Steve Ott who not only can contribute offensively, but is willing to stick up for his teammates as well.

signing John Scott was not a Good Idea
John Scott was re-signed by the Buffalo Sabres. The contract is for one-year, $750,000. Scott played 34 games for the Sabres last season. He had 69 penalty minutes and no points.
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With only playing a few minutes a game, I just don’t see the value re-signing Scott.  He may get a point or two next season.

Bob Duggan

Bob Duggan

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