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Winter Classic Proves Chicago’s Popularity

Yet again, the Chicago Blackhawks will be playing hockey outside this season. They will face the Washington Capitals for the 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic at National Park.

While most fans look forward to as a fun and novel game in the middle of the season, the players take it as seriously as any other game on the schedule. No matter how it’s viewed, it’s important to realize that being selected to be showcased on such a wide scale is a special reward. And Chicago has been rewarded this way several times now.

These showcases prove that Chicago is a fan-favorite hockey organization. It’s undoubted that every team is hated by fans from some opposing city, and with Chicago’s success, it’s no surprise that there are Blackhawk-bashers frequenting every stadium.

However, it’s also true that these outdoor games are marketing highlights for the league. They are considered money-makers, opportunities to promote the excitement and entertainment value of the game. Chicago is reliable in those regards.

For the third time, Chicago will be playing in a highly-televised and promoted outdoor game, with this being their second Winter Classic appearance. Their first, as hosts to the Detroit Red Wings, didn’t end as hoped with a 6-4 loss.

But Detroit isn’t playing in another televised blockbuster, which sends the message that winning doesn’t push ratings, fans do. And the fans are looking for the Blackhawks. “This is another marquee event for the Blackhawks,” said Blackhawks President John McDonough.

Added proof to the league-wide popularity of the Blackhawks, is the recent results showing Chicago’s logo being considered the favorite of the league. The Hockey News ranked the Blackhawks famous logo as the league’s best this year, and they state that the judges were in full agreement.

“The vibrant color combination and the respectful way it honors a WWI battalion and a Native American chief sets this logo apart from the rest,” it states on The Hockey News website.

Without a doubt, the enthusiasm and energy surrounding the Blackhawks is being recognized by the league and those who cover the league daily. There is no hesitation that the long history Chicago has with the NHL has been not only rekindled, but also ignited and added to. The recent approval of the Blackhawks to face the Capitals in this season’s Winter Classic is further proof that fans from all over the league are pleased with what they are seeing out of Chicago and are eager to get in on more excitement.



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