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Rich Peverley Not Quite Ready To Return

Just six months ago the hockey world was shocked when Rich Peverley of the Dallas Stars collapsed in the middle of a game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Despite having a little over six months of recovery time, it looks as if he won’t be making a return to play just yet.

That doesn’t mean he won’t be a part of the team though, as GM Jim Nill has stated that he will still be able to participate on off-ice activities and workouts.

“He’s cleared to work out, but not cleared to go on the ice yet,” Nill said of the winger. “He has to go to a cardiologist to be tested, and there’s no timeline on that right now.”

Peverley has yet to skate since his March 10th collapse, which was caused by a heart condition called atrial fibrillation (Read more HERE). He has since had procedures done to get his heart back into rhythm as well as worked to get himself back into shape,  slowly pushing himself and getting his heart rate up.

“I think we’re all moving day to day and trying to see how far he can push it,” Nill said. “We’ll have patience with Rich and support him and simply go through the process. So much of it is listening to the doctors and allowing them to guide the process.”

Brendon Carlton

Brendon Carlton

21 year old aspiring film director/producer, writer, and lifelong fan of hockey and the Dallas Stars. Dallas Stars contributor for Hooked on Hockey Magazine
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